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Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether buying or selling, we have the ability to tap into our broad and deep network of financial and strategic investors to match the right partner for the transaction.

Our versatility to tailor our advice extends to the type of transactions that we have experience in.

Mergers & acquisitions

Leveraged / management buy outs

Divestitures / spin offs

Joint ventures

Public Private Partnerships

Size and type of companies we work with
Horizon Africa

Corporate Strategy

Evaluate the direction to drive your business towards: Should you grow organically or via acquisitions? Should you partner with a strategic or financial investor?


Business Review and Deal Strategy

What capital structure best suits your growth plan? How will prevailing marketing conditions impact deal strategy and valuation? We will develop a robust business plan and optimally position your transaction.


Market research on sectors an regions

We are able to provide clients with a clear understanding of the opportunities and threats present when considering market entry into new sectors or geographies.

Corporate Finance

Whatever your requirement for obtaining funds, we are able to provide a systematic approach to raising capital.

At Horizon Africa we work closely with our clients to assess funding requirements and to determine which forms of capital are most appropriate for the businesses or projects.

We will consider all financing options and could include any combination of debt, mezzanine and / or equity through our wide network and relationships with commercial banks, development finance institutions, private equity houses, mezzanine providers and family offices.

Our team has significant experience of raising the full range of financing solutions for our clients across East Africa.

We have the technical knowledge and expertise to determine the optimal financing structure and type of funding required for the business/project, and we will assist and advise our clients through negotiation of the commercial and legal terms which is crucial for the long-term success of the business / project.

Horizon Capital

We also offer stand-alone solutions to help transform your business. These include but are not limited to:

Financial Modeling

From cost-benefit analysis to investment appraisals to in-depth business plans, we have the right set of tools to deliver a customised, user-friendly and fit-for-purpose financial model.

Capital and Balance Sheet Restructuring

Balancing the right amount of debt and equity in the business can improve the growth rate, reduce the overall cost of funding and make the working capital cycle more efficient.

Financial Due Diligence

When deciding to buy a company, we can perform rigorous analysis of the financial state of the target that would cover quality of earnings to key accounting policies to balance sheet reviews. If you are considering selling part or whole of your company, we work with you to identify and clean up areas of concern prior to marketing the business for sale.

Valuation Analysis

Obtaining an independent third-party opinion on the valuation of a business is advisable in a variety of situations including transaction negotiations to legal disputes. We overlay our technical skills with commercial knowledge to provide a range of realistic and fair values for businesses or divisions of a business across all sectors.